See what our clients have to say about using Travel Advice.

"If all else fails, contact Travel Advice, they give smart, unbiased answers to itinerary-planning questions and can recommend (should you want) the right travel company or agent to use based on the destination and style of trip you want."
-Wendy Perrin, Conde Nast Traveler

"Travel Advice has made my job far more exciting and less stressful for more than 18 years. Travel Advice works with my clients and me to ensure my clients go to where they need to go. The staff at Travel Advice has been there, usually many times, so their unbiased and objective advice is invaluable."
-Brooks Bowen, Travel Agents International, Richmond, VA.

"If you want to talk to someone that's been there and knows the things you should do to have the best vacation possible, contact Travel Advice. We've used them for more than 15 years for our travels to the Falkland Islands, East Africa, Western Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, Australia and other places and wouldn't begin to travel anywhere on earth without first consulting them."
-Lee and Gay Gattis, T-3 Integrated Marketing Solutions, Austin, TX.

“(Travel Advice) is people who love to travel who know about every corner of the world because they have been there. (Travel Advice) is the one Sturgis (Travel) often uses to do an initial live interview with clients who want to put together a dream vacation."
Nancy Lofholm, Denver Post

"I've been using Travel Advice for more than 12 years to help me ensure my clients get the most out of their vacation. It saves everyone's time as Travel Advice talks with my clients, often on conference calls including me, to quickly determine my client's needs. They just seem to know where my clients should go and the hotels, means of travel, time of year and how long to stay in a destination."
-Charles Weston, Carlson-Wagonlit Travel, Philadelphia, PA.

"My family and I have traveled the world, from Southern Africa to Australia, by first calling Travel Advice. They even told us which direction we should drive Highway 12 in Utah and were they right! We call them first as we start planning our trip to ensure we're going the right time of year and to the correct destination. They are great to work with and save us time and money!"
-Ken Woodward, San Francisco, CA.